Friday, July 25, 2008

Trackside Update #1

We're through 4 20 minute test sessions with the Shark Sandwich MR2, and so far everything here is fantastic. The competitors are great fun and mostly good, fair cars (not sure about one miata, but we'll see) and great people. We've made it through tech which means we're ready to race, and we've made it past the BS Factor evaluation with no penalties- means the judges have decreed that our car indeed is less than $500. And it is.

The track is also shared by a test day for real race/high performance cars, so we've got our beater MR2 with a Geo Storm across the street, with a Porsche 911 GT2 and a Panoz Esperante around the corner.

A full day 1 gallery is located here.

2 more sessions today, and then it's time to refuel and rest for the main event tomorrow (and Sunday).

1 comment:

Skeetle said...

that miata looks like a regular car outfitted with a dumpy hood. Bs test should have caught that one fo'sho