Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not what we'd hoped...

Maybe I'll flesh this out with a more detailed report of our day, but here's the short version. I started the race, and the first hour was intense but managable. Up next was Jordan, and he had a really great session. The first timing updates had us in 13th place, which I think came out right after our stop. Then Daniel climbed in after hour 2, and shortly after that we found out we were up to 8th. It started raining hard when Brian came out, and he was storming through the field. At the last update, we were 6th out of 78 cars and still climbing.

Then Brian radios in..."sounds like a rod knock...yep, I think we're done." And he was right. He brought the car back in, he and Daniel looked it over, and called it. We called every auto part store in the area and nobody had a rod bearing for a 1985 MR2 in stock...can't say we were surprised by that one.

We contemplated trying to drive it a little more, but decided not to bother oiling down the track for our now ex-competitors by blowing it up. Instead, it was on the trailer and we departed for home.

We salute the numerous teams that raced along side us cleanly and came in the spirit of the LeMons. And to those teams that showed up with purpose built race cars and tried to knock us off the track, well, we hope you meet the crusher, if not tomorrow then some other day soon.

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J F S said...

I feel your pain. About 10 laps into the 08 spring Altamont Lemons race, out 2 time veteran 85' MR2 spun a rod bearing. These are sized specifically to the crank so nobody will have the exact size. I ran to a local junk yard and started pulling motor out of another car but the yard closed before I finished.

Great showing though! Glad to hear you guys reached 6th. I have a lot of faith in the car. If it stays together they tend to do very well on the track. In December last year we finished 12th with about 1hr 20min off the track fixing a broken steering rod and trouble shooting / fixing an overheating coil. We came in 18th in our first race (oct 07 altamont) after making at least 1.5 hrs of pit mistakes/repairs.



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