Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spanning the Globe

Since there's not much happening on the Shark Sandwich front, since we're still about a month away from the entry deadline and field announcements, here's a couple links to MR2 teams building up for the May LeMons round over near San Francisco:

Motoring J Style's writeup of their 2007 efforts

Volatile RAM / Snowspeeder Racing- building a 2nd MR2 for the 2008 round.

The San Francisco round is May 10-11, and then the entry deadline for our race is May 17. Hopefully good news will follow shortly thereafter.

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Larry said...

MR-Car brethren! Larry from V-RAM [04] team here ( You're in for the time of your life. I'm convinced the MK1 MR2 is among the best strategic cars for 24HL, and has to be the funnest. Let's see some pics of your car.