Sunday, March 9, 2008

We have wheels!

Or so I'm told. Team sources have verified the acquisition of a 1st generation Toyota MR2. At least 2 teams in the California versions have fielded MR2s with pretty good results and solid durability. Word is that ours has some crash damage, but is straight and, as far as I know, at least runs.

Here's a couple examples of prior MR2 entries into the LeMons:

Team Drift RWD

Motoring J-Style

Motoring J-Style's picture is after two 24 Hours of LeMons.

We'll assemble the team, such as it is, in May or June for a race prep weekend. I'll be in charge of paint and window cleanliness while the guys with actual mechanical skills will make the important pieces raceworthy.

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J F S said...

Always good to have another MR2 team out there. Sorry we won't be able to do the south east race.


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